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“Remembering the Innocent Children” – FACT CHECKING the Lies to Preserve the TRUTH.”


Official Jonestown Memorial Services and Wall (Est. 1979)

“Cherishing The Children”

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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

- Martin Luther King Jr., US Black Civil Rights Leader & Clergyman (1929 - 1968)

The 38th Official Jonestown Anniversary Ceremony:




On November 18th 2016, we will celebrate the 38th Anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre when nearly 1000 U.S. civilians were forced at gunpoint to drink lethal cyanide flavor-aid, injected by hypodermic needle in the temple, back & neck with poison, or shot to death according to Dr Leslie Mootoo, Guyana’s most senior pathologist.

On that fateful day, people screamed, ran into the jungle and trembled with fear, and within hours, 305 innocent children and over 600 adults were dead including the Honorable Congressman Leo Ryan, who was a faithful public servant like you.

Just as Congressman Ryan was a voice for the victims of Jonestown, we need your voice.

We need you to speak for those who cannot speak any longer and stand up for the human rights abuses inflicted upon the innocent children and victims of Jonestown.


The purpose of this letter is to invite you to become a voice for the 305 innocent children who are voiceless. Who never lived to fulfill their God given destiny; lives cut off to soon by an egotistical, power hungry evil man. We ask that you participate in the Official 38th Jonestown Anniversary Ceremony on Friday, November 18, 2016 by attending, sending a card or flowers or whispering a pray to loved ones around the globe who lost their families to these senseless deaths.

The purpose of keeping the memories of November 18th alive is not to forever mourn, but to celebrate the lives of the children and learn the grave mistakes of what can happen when principals of influence are abused by leaders of an organization.

Robert Cialdini, PhD, who researches influence as the Regents' Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, once said: "Sources of influence can be like dynamite--they can be used for good or used for ill…"

Jones used his for ill and orchestrated murder just like Adolf Hitler.

No doubt you have heard many different versions of what occurred at Jonestown and why Jones is now honored on a Memorial wall next to the names of 305 innocent children, their families and Congressman Leo Ryan (and his news team) whom he ordered to be killed.

Just as in any political campaign, there must be 24/7 FACT CHECKING to sort out lies from the truth. Well-meaning, kind-hearted and compassionate leaders encouraged me not to FACT CHECK the lies, stating that it would be a waste of energy to respond to them. They admonished me to keep moving forward, stating, “You don’t have to show any records.” This may be true, however, the 2016 election lets all of us know that there is a need to fact check.

Therefore, we have decided to FACT CHECK the lies about Jonestown, the massacre and the aftermath in this year’s Memorial Service Programme, online on our website and humbly request that you join us in a moment of silence on November 18, 2016, Friday.


Jim Jones was the leader of a cult called the People’s Temple, with headquarters in a development known as Jonestown. There was a huge division between families who belonged to the People’s Temple and those that did not. I was never a member of the People’s Temple, although the group had been trying to influence me to join the Temple as a teenager, when I first began fighting Jim Jones. My grandmother, the first black member of the People’s Temple from San Francisco, was recruiting her friends and loved ones for Jones because she believed in the valuable work of helping the poor, quality health care jobs and more. She believed Jonestown would be a place of racial equality and freedom from the killings of her people by way of lynching and killings. She was hurt that he tricked her into sending her loved ones to him for safety. She remembered Jones repeatedly calling asking her to, “send me 4,000 more Black people to Jonestown, 5,000 more, etc.”

Twenty-seven (27) of those that she recruited were among the nine hundred plus innocent people who lost their lives in Jonestown on November 18, 1978, which was the greatest loss of civilian lives in a single day before 9/11. Through the grace of God, I was able to kidnap my son and rescue him from the pseudo-leadership of Jim Jones before they kidnapped him into this one way to hell with no escape. I had visions from God that Jones would kill most of the women and children in our family and his congregation in a hot jungle. Hundreds of my friends, cousins young and old perished, including my beloved mother, plus many other kids in our family were kidnapped as the visions (and warnings) I shared to my family about Jones fell on deaf ears.


Congressman Leo Ryan’s office and family certainly believed the victims, including Congressman Ryan and his news team, were murdered. Dr. Leslie Mootoo, was the first medical professional to examine the bodies. Mootoo and his staff methodically examined scores of bodies and came to a surprising conclusion. According to Mootoo, 83 of the 100 adult bodies he examined had needle puncture marks between their shoulders. As they clearly would not administer the drug themselves in this way, Mootoo concluded they had been held down and forcibly injected. Dozens of the bodies had also clearly been shot, and some killed with crossbows. All in all, Mootoo determined some 80–90% of the victims had been murdered.

My 8 year old son, sister, and uncles were traumatized screams that could be heard daily as my family huddled together in one room with their eyes glued to the news. My grandmother cried, screamed and sobbed over the death of her only daughter and other loved ones and friends that she had recruited into People’s Temple. Seventeen

  1. of those in our family at Jonestown who perished was 18 and under with the youngest loss aged 2 months & 7 days old.


    Since that tragic event, for thirty-seven years, we have been commemorating the 305 children and over six hundred adults, including United States Congressman Leo Ryan, who lost their lives that day.

    We worked tirelessly to build a memorial wall to the innocent children and give the victims a fitting memorial only to lose over

    $30,000.00 because of false promises and breach of verbal contracts by Evergreen Cemetery. Former Human Rights Commissioner, Rev. Eugene Lumpkin & I were told by Buck Kamphausen and Ron Haulman (of Evergreen) that we could

    only use their preferred vendor, Marin/Amador Monument. Mr. Cortez gave me the document (See document to the right.) that Ron Haulman had the measurements on 04/08/08 but Mr. Haulman said he did not know the size Evergreen was at the unveiling at the 30th year Anniversary.

    We paid over $30,000 with the final payment for the first installment of $17,000.00


    before the 30 year anniversary (see cancelled check.) Evergreen was at the unveiling at the 30th year Anniversary.

    The first slab of the Cherishing the Children Memorial wall was unveiled on


    November 18, 2008 which was on the front page of USA TODAY November 19, 2008 (see picture to your left):

    Following our efforts in past years, on May 29, 2011, a rival coalition group led by Jim Jones’ sons and former hierarchy had the audacity to memorialize Jim Jones alongside the innocent victims with Evergreen Cemetery taking the spot we paid Evergreen’s exclusive vendor to build the Memorial on (see

    picture to your right.) FOR THE RECORD: Jim Jones is NO victim. He has NO


    right to share the memorial plaque with 305 innocent children, along with the adult victims and Congressman Ryan and his news team. The disrespectful action of having Jim Jones, the murderer, memorialized along with the innocent victims is tantamount to having Hitler

    memorialized in the same burial place as the Jews he slaughtered.

    For this reason, we covet your voice and support in this year’s ceremony.

    The hill we climb each year is a place of healing, redemption and restoration for those affected and still paralyzed by this loss. My desire is to not only educate, but also speak into the lives of people to help them take the mess of this tragic day and turn it into a powerful message.


    Please send a letter of condolence, support, or card for the Official Memorial Service held November 18, 2016 at 11:00 AM.

    • We are the official organizers of this annual service that began in 1979 and are not a part of the committee who honored Jim Jones on Memorial Plaques at Evergreen Cemetery.

The Official 38th Annual Jonestown Memorial for the 305 Innocent Children, over 600 victims, Congressman Leo Ryan and his news team will be held:

Friday, November 18, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Evergreen Cemetery~6450 Camden Avenue~Oakland, CA 94605 Send all correspondence to: Pastor Jynona Norwood –

PO Box 3330~Hollywood, CA 90078

~305 Innocent Children…It’s WASN’T the Children’s fault~

Never Forget………….Gone but not forgotten

Thank you and may God Bless you always.







THEIR STORY: It has been said that the people of Jonestown remained their voluntarily because they were “happy” and loved Jim Jones. Nothing could be further from the truth.

FACT: Jim Jones had each of the members of Jonestown sign a blank sheet of paper. Then a letter would be written over their signature saying incriminating things like, “I plan to kill the President of the United States.” In this way Jones would blackmail the members who would be afraid to leave thinking they would be prosecuted for threatening the President or another public official. Most members were there against their will.

THEIR STORY: Jim Jones did not know about Congressman Ryan’s murder until after word came that he had been killed on the airstrip.

FACT: Jim Jones ordered the murder of Congressman Ryan.

THEIR STORY: They say the Jonestown members drank the KoolAid voluntarily, taking part in a “revolutionary suicide.”

FACT: As one survivor noted, “ It wasn’t suicide it was murder. There was no choice that day. “People say, ‘Why didn’t anyone try to get away?” Well, I had to go and identify bodies two days later and I know that people tried to get away. The first body I saw, the guy had been injected in the temple. There was a huge abscess. I saw abscesses on necks, arms and thighs. So many that I didn’t bother to count.

THEIR STORY: There have been inconsistencies about the number of children and adults who died in Jonestown over the last thirty –eight years.

FACT: Nine hundred and eighteen people died that day. 909 died in the compound of poisoning (almost 100% died involuntarily);

Congressman Leo Ryan and four others died on the airstrip. Sharon Moses and her three children died at the Temple’s Georgetown Home.

THEIR STORY: It has been said that Jim Jones died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and he was found in a chair in the compound.

FACT: Jim Jones died in the field, most likely trying to get away after having murdered nearly a thousand people. In all probability he was shot while trying to escape.

THEIR STORY: Jim Jones loved all races.

FACT: Jim Jones recruited mostly African Americans and requested one of his most loyal members to bring him 1,000’s of Black people.

THEIR STORY: The people had plenty to eat.

FACT: Reverend Richard Clark, who escaped by cutting through the jungle after work with his machete. He saved a few children, girlfriend and friends and further stated: “Jim starved us! I told them I did not leave America to come to a jungle to starve, feed me!” He further stated, “I knew if I was going to make it out alive I would have to escape Jonestown.”


There is one group that has loved Jim Jones since the beginning of Peoples Temple, with efforts to create doubts and conduct a smear campaign against anyone who opposes the late Jones, they are Rebecca Moore & Fielding Mc Gehee family, Jim Jones, Jr and other lovers of this cult following.

FACT CHECK THE MC GEHEE & MOORES: Rev. John Moore, is Rebecca Moore’s father and Fielding McGehee’s father-in-law, who introduced Jones to the San Francisco Bay Area with great endorsements. It was Rebecca Moore’s sisters who died in Jonestown and lived with Jones & loved Jim Jones.

Rev. John Moore used to be one of our guest speakers. The Coalition stopped all followers of Jones from speaking once it was clear they still loved and believed in him after all of the proof of his diabolical mindset. Rev. John Moore was Jones’ biggest fan and advocate who tried convincing me to put Jones name on the memorial. I refused. There the war began in every way to stop the Coalition of leaders from erecting the Cherishing the Children Memorial Wall.

Rev. John Moore sent his loved ones Rebecca Moore and her husband Fielding McGehee to stop us. It was Carolyn Moore who lived as a mistress with Jones in front of Marcelline Jones. John’s daughter, Caroline and Annies sister is Rebecca Moore. She has been on attack with her husband for a long time. This couple runs the Jonestown website for SDSU and is an apologist for the senseless killings of over 900 Human lives including Congressman Leo Ryan, News team: Greg Robinson, Don Harris, and Bob Brown.

One of their motives to verbally attack the Coalition of leaders from around the country was grounded in their belief that Jim deserves to be honored and Jonestown was the best place to live.

The Jonestown Institute gave us wrong sets of numbers of the dead. (FACT CHECK on our website: and read Congressional letters/Proclamations from politicians who also had the erroneous numbers.

One of the Peoples Temple supporters, Susan Ashby claimed to have given $500.00 to Former Human Rights Commissioner Rev. Eugene Lumpkin for the wall, however she refused to submit her canceled check (his letter is below). The SF newspaper printed her story but refused to print our story. WIKIPEDIA REPORTS, “Larry Layton, brother of author and former Peoples Temple member Deborah Layton, was convicted in 1986 of conspiracy in the murder of Leo Ryan.[40]Temple defectors boarding the truck to Port Kaituma warned about Larry Layton that "there's no way

he's a defector. He's too close to Jones.” Jones hierarchy still uses these same tactics in 2016.

Our Coalition was formed to honor the 305 innocent children, their families, Congressman Leo Ryan and his news team.

Jonestown Apologists Alert


C U L T A P O L O G I S T S A L W A Y S S T R I V E T O U N L O A D T H E T H I C K E S T S U G A R C O A T I N G S O V E R T H E T R U E H O R R O R O F P E O P L E ' S T E M P L E . O N E O F T H E M O S T E L A B O R A T E

W A S D I R E C T O R S T A N L E Y N E L S O N ' S A P P A L L I N G 2 0 0 5 W H I T E W A S H D O C U M E N T A R Y " J O N E S T O W N : T H E L I F E A N D D E A T H O F P E O P L E S T E M P L E . " T H I S S I T E I S

D E D I C A T E D T O E X P O S I N G S U C H I N S I D I O U S H I S T O R I C F I C T I O N , A P O L O G I S T

P R O M O T E R S , A N D T H E S E L F - S E R V I N G P O W E R E L I T E T H A T L A C K T H E E T H I C S A N D C O U R A G E T O C O N F E S S T H E R E A L T R U T H A B O U T T H E I R R O L E I N T H I S C R I M E O F


M O N D A Y , N O V E M B E R 1 9 , 2 0 1 2

34th Anniversary Day: People's Temple New Cult Of The Faithful Celebrates A Macabre Memorial For Mass Murderers

Yesterday, on another grim anniversary of the one of the worst mass murders in American history, they paid homage to the monster behind it.

This crazed sociopath, now memorialized in stone by the newly reconstituted People's Temple, who paid their respects to the dead in their own "informal gathering" yesterday afternoon in Oakland's Evergreen Cemetery. James Warren Jones, killer of children, honored. These children, imprisoned by him in a South American Marxist death camp, and more than 300 other children, including babies, didn't stand a chance.

Neither did their parents and 600 other Americans of all ages, who were exterminated like cattle. Nearly all killed by an agonizing death-by-cyanide, the majority being forcibly injected. Not a mass-suicide as the lame-brained mainstream media always reports. Jones, however, never could have pulled it off alone--no more than Pol Pot could have achieved his heinous mass murder--without the indispensable assistance of his cult's enthused, blood-thirsty executioners. Murderous Jim is not the only killer mixed in with the names of his victims, as I discovered in my visit to this perverse new shrine [in the background is the original memorial] earlier this year. Indeed there are some very notable culprits whose names will be familiar to anyone versed in the usually obscured facts of this unspeakable crime. Some of the other of the infamous cult's murderous enforcers include:


imageAnnie Moore, sister of Becky Moore. Becky runs the cult apologist organization "Jonestown Institute" with her hubby Fielding "Big Mac" McGehee, both of whom served as the

front group to fund this memorial with cash from an "unknown source.") Annie, mass

image murderer.

imageCarolyn Moore, Becky's other sister, was the Jones's mistress, a smooth-talking version of Eva Braun wanna be. Utterly ruthless. And, of course, a mass murderer.

Dr. Larry Schacht, who oversaw the "medical needs" of the gulag. Something of a Dr. Mengele, actually, who knew just how much cyanide would do the trick. The highly trained, highly valued

imagemass murderer. "Big Jim" McElvane, the cult's "security enforcer," something of a gestapo kingpin. Yes, mass murderer too.

imageAnd, of course, what memorial would be complete without this beast, one of Jones's most fanatical cultists. Not a mass murderer, since she was in Guyana's capital city of Georgetown when all the slaughter was unleashed in the jungle. She was, however, enterprising enough to personally slit the throats of her three children before killing herself. Which makes her death a bona fide suicide rather than a murder like nearly all the others in Jonestown. She still has some murder credits, like the other vicious psychopaths shown above.

There are, of course, some other names here that have NO business being memorialized, such as the guards that forced the cyanide into hundreds of people or shot them to death. Becky and Big Mac know who they are but, hey, these homicidal gulag goons earned the requisite murder points to be featured as well.

Becky Moore is one of the more prominent cult apologists in circulation, publishing tripe about how "positive" the People's Temple cult really was and that, really, "cult" is dirty word that insults all the wonderful things that came from this group of brainwashed slaves.

"Big Mac" McGehee is her very prolific propaganda hubby, who puts out the annual "Jonestown Report." To his credit, he includes some of the unsavory aspects of the forced labor camp called Jonestown in his publication. The only problem is its resemblance with the formula used by supermarket tabloids, but on a much more serious scale. Nothing quite so effective as a potent mix of fact and fiction grossly distorting perspective on the actual big picture. Just gloss over, obfuscate or outright deny the reality of cult psychosocial dynamics so lethal to free will and, in some cases, life itself.

And Becky-Mac wants it that way, cause this enterprising fun couple crave that credibility enabling them to keep the New People's Temple cult followers happy and positive there really were some mighty good things that flowed from all the brainwashing, fraud, slave labor, torture, child abuse, and murder that were the hallmarks of the cult that died.



Jynona Norwood [second from right], whose family lost 27 of her family to Jones and his executioners, has tried desperately to stop this madness. She worked to put up Jones-free memorial for years. That some of the people that put Jones into power--…………..- haven't contributed a dime to Norwood's efforts speaks


volumes on their moral bankruptcy--and cowardice. They prefer not to remember those faces of the helpless little children having cyanide forced down their throats, knowing they helped make it all possible.
Beyond lamentable is actually reading some of the twisted statements made by cult apologists in the Mac-Becky Cult Fans journal. One of them, by Natalia Danesi, observes:

"Evergreen Cemetery now has the four granite blocks engraved with all the victims' names, including that of Jim Jones. Despite the controversy, Jim Jones was among those who died that day, and it is proper and appropriate to remember the names of everyone who perished. Another controversial figure is Linda Sharon Amos, who killed her three children before killing herself......seeing her name on the memorial must be unthinkable......While her final act is truly horrible, we must try to understand her position and point of view. Her name on the memorial should make us pause and reflect...."

Pause and reflect? Surely. Unthinkable? Most definitely.

POSTED BY T O M K I N S O L V I N G AT M O N D A Y , N O V E M B E R 1 9 , 2 0 1 2 1 C O M M E N T : image S U N D A Y , N O V E M B E R 2 7 , 2 0 1 1

Famed social activist Dick Gregory protesting the Jim Jones Memorial Wall arranged by cult apologists at Evergreen Cemetery

Dick Gregory Speaks Out Against The Jim Jones Memorial Wall -- And A Defector Tells His Story About Cult


An interview with Dick Gregory by Jynona Norwood is scheduled to run on an internet radio network, which you should be able to tune in, by clicking on the above link. As soon as I receive confirmation, I'll notify readers of its scheduled time and date, along with the scheduled air date of interviews with my sister Kathleen, myself, and my father.

Gregory is one of the many outraged by the inclusion of mass murderer Jim Jones on a memorial wall for those he and his executioners so brutally murdered. His interview, like all his appearances, will prove enthralling.

There's so much misunderstanding about what drove so many people into the arms of this demon and his murderous thugs. One of those who was able to defect--but inexplicably appeared at the May "dedication" to this atrocious wall--was former member Garrett Lambrev. One can only guess that Lambrev still has some of the brainwash not washed out of him, judging from his appearance at this cult apologist monstrosity..

But his words in this 2008 Cleveland Plain Dealer interview speak volumes about how bad the cult was BEFORE it even arrived in Jonestown and reveals how hard, and dangerous, it can be to break a cult's stranglehold.

Convinced Jim Jones was God, Garrett Lambrev was the first person to join Peoples Temple in Ukiah, Calif., in 1966 after the group moved from Indiana. Ten years later -- two years before the Jonestown tragedy -- he was part of a wave of defectors, shaken to the core by tales of torture and wanting nothing to do with a god who could sanction such things. He was reviled as a traitor and lived in fear for his life.

Back in 1966, Lambrev was a young grad student, searching for truth, for peace, for a new world. After his involvement in anti-Vietnam war protests that landed him in jail, he dropped out of a doctoral program in history at Stanford University and moved to Ukiah for a job as a welfare worker. When he met Jim Jones, who was teaching at a local school, he thought he had found the realization of all his dreams.


"I was utterly transfixed by him," Lambrev said. "He could talk for 14 hours, and I'd be fascinated. I'd never met anyone so intelligent, so cognizant of the human puzzle."

      Garrett Lambrev, Peoples
   Temple Cult Defector

Even then, Lambrev took note of Jones' disturbing behavior. Lambrev had been in the temple only about two months, and he was listening one evening to Jones expound on environmentalism. "He was praising things the Soviets were doing to protect wildlife in the Soviet arctic. And I thought, 'What!' I spoke up, and I said, 'Jim, what about the Gulag? What about the labor camps?'

"He turned red and glared at me, and said, 'Who do you think you are? You're speaking to the Almighty God,' and he pounded his fist. I felt so humiliated. I wanted to be under the floor. But I thought, 'He's God. I'm not.' So I went along with that for years. I questioned myself, rather than him." During the years, Lambrev was what he calls a "black sheep" in the Peoples Temple family. He'd had trouble dealing with the discipline, and had left previously -- five times, in fact. But he returned five times.

"Inevitably, every time I left, I would fall apart and turn back. The center of life was Jim Jones. He was the access to the divine. For years, I was very much a prisoner of that reality. Nothing could break that until the revelations about the torture." 'Garry, there was torture.

Physical torture.' It was August of 1976, and Lambrev had no plans to leave. He felt very good about his place in the Temple and what he was doing. But there was a friend and fellow member who was upset, and he feared she might kill herself, so he reached out to her. They met outside the Temple, at a pizza parlor at midnight. "She told me, 'You don't know anything. You haven't seen what I saw,'" Lambrev said, dropping his voice. "She told me, 'Garry, there was torture. Physical torture.'

"I could find nothing to justify that," he said. "I was very, very angry. Enormously disappointed and shaken. I thought, if this guy is God, I want no part of his religion. So I left that night."

Lambrev went back to his small commune in San Francisco and started packing. His commune-mates alerted a "posse" of Temple devotees to stop him, he said. A car showed up, just as Lambrev and his friend were driving away, and a chase ensued. "We finally lost them through back alleys of Chinatown," he said. "It was laughable, like a Marx Brothers movie." Lambrev went to a hiding place where another friend was staying. For a while, he worked with a defectors' group in Berkeley, called Concerned Relatives. Then, finally, he felt he must

distance himself completely from anyone connected with the Temple, moving to the woods of Oregon. He was there when the tragedy in Jonestown happened.

"Like so many people, I didn't know what to make of it, whether this was done by a hit squad, if I was on the hit list, or if friends of mine were in danger," he said. "I think we all knew Jim Jones was responsible for the deaths of about 1,000

people in Jonestown. There were others involved who carried it out. We'll never know who and how many committed suicide or who and how many were murdered. But the decision to carry that out was Jim's."

Questions about what happened haunt him -Questions about what happened still haunt Lambrev, however. In the years before and after Jonestown, there were some mysterious deaths, including the still-unsolved 1980 murders of Al and Jeannie Mills in Berkeley, who had started Concerned Relatives. "My ambition in this life is to know what really happened," Lambrev said.

A good start, Garrett. Unfortunately, kowtowing with those reprehensible revisionist/cult apologists (Becky Moore, Mac McGehee, Jimmy Jones, Jr, et al) is not a very positive beginning.

POSTED BY T O M K I N S O L V I N G AT S U N D A Y , N O V E M B E R 2 7 , 2 0 1 1 3

C O M M E N T S : image F R I D A Y , N O V E M B E R 1 8 , 2 0 1 1 Combatting Those That Are Honoring A Madman -- "The Kiss Of Death"-- On This Sad Anniversary It's a special

day. An especially sad day. 33 years ago a massacre occurred that never should have happened.


But for those in today's New Peoples Temple, the cultish behavior goes on and on. One of the red flags is when they attempt to sanitize and rationalize a monster, for his "good works," and to try any way they can to remain in denial about the true picture.

They really pulled it off this time, didn't they? And this afternoon at an

Oakland, California cemetery, where there's a mass grave for hundreds of his victim, adopted son Jim Jones, Jr. will join with his other New Temple cronies and pay homage to his father--as a official "victim."

imageHow do they do it--placing the name of the mastermind of a massacre right along side his victims?? (And, for that matter, the names of his accomplices--the Moore Sisters, Larry Schacht, Thomas Kice, Sr, et al-- that carried out the killings like a regiment of crazed Nazi SS executioners?)


Techniques of Controll
More troubling were a growing list of abuses. Jones made sexual advances to Temple members, and he also oversaw beatings, “confessions”, and humiliations of Temple members in front of the rest of the group. But members did not feel free to share their feelings about “Father.” In fact they were encouraged to inform on each other

— children were rewarded for informing on their parents — and the constant work and all night meetings kept most of them in a state of exhausted confusion.

Furthermore, each member cherished the moment when Jones would take them aside and reveal that that member was truly the only one Jones trusted.



In this environment, some of the most trusted inner circle became disillusioned and left the Temple. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Marshall Kilduff couldn’t get his own paper to print the stories he uncovered by talking to disaffected members, and so along with Phil Tracy, he approached New West magazine. Despite the efforts of Jones and the Temple leadership to block publication, the magazine reported the allegations of the defectors and apostates in its August 1977 issue.



With the glare of the media upon him, Jones and hundreds of his supporters disappeared virtually overnight. Husbands returned home from work to find their wives and children gone, their apartments bare. Entire nursing homes were vacant of patients and staff. Children stopped going to school